Ion Color Brilliance

Ion Color Brilliance was a new entry into the hair color market needing assistance to design and develop the creative vision for its new line. The brand was designed to incorporate the existing Ion logo with a series of radiating rings to emphasize the product's ability to penetrate and provide brilliant shine and fade resistant color. Beyond the distinctive logo and packaging, I worked with the client to create a wide range of marketing collateral, in-store display, posters, calendars, and sample swag, all in the same cohesive vision.

With the launch, the line exceed the projected first-year revenue in the first quarter, and sold over 1.5 million units by the fourth quarter. The client's aggressive brand management paired with my brand development ushered double-digit annual growth and secured its status as the 4th largest selling hair color line in the U.S.


Logo, Packaging, Collateral, Marketing Materials